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Fetching Alfresco Associations using regular expressions

April 9, 2013 - tagged #alfresco

Long time no see ha?

I'd like to share with you (and keep track of) a simple code optimisation that allowed me write a better, cleaner and more performing Alfresco backend logic. I've searched around some examples on how to do it, but there's not much, so here we are!

In the first code block I am fetching all target associations from a node and - in a second stage - extract only those that I really need.

The second code block does exactly the same, but avoiding a post-processing iteration and delivering a nice and clean 1-liner solution.

The last block defines another Regular Expression that matches all QNames of a given namespace. You can notice that the match is done upon the fully qualified QName, using the namespace URL, not its prefix.

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