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mmt-maven-plugin 0.1-SNAPSHOT released

May 15, 2012 - tagged #alfresco #maven #amp #mmt

MMT Maven Plugin

The mmt-maven-plugin have been deprecated in favour of the alfresco-maven-plugin and the Maven Alfresco SDK

After a month (or so) of experiments, it was time to deploy the first snapshot of a new version of the maven-amp-plugin, the mmt-maven-plugin. Since there is no official documentation yet, I just wanted to share with you an initial draft of the usage and goal configurations; you can start using it already and test it in your builds that are currently based on maven-amp-plugin. The plugin is currently committed as a branch of the Maven Alfresco Archetypes Google Code project, although it could be soon moved to an Alfresco internal code repository.

In a nutshell, the MMT plugin covers all features of his predecessor, the AMP Plugin; the difference is in the code; the AMP Plugin was a rewriting of the maven-war-plugin, replacing ".war" with ".amp" and disabling some code here and there; since it was working fine no effort was ever made to improve it; on the contrary, the MMT Plugin uses the Alfresco Repository internals to perform the AMP operations, drastically lowering complexity and amount of code to maintain.

MMT Goals

The mmt-maven-plugin provides the following features:

  • Packages an AMP starting from a simple (and configurable) Maven project folder structure
  • Performs AMP to WAR overlay by using the Alfresco Repository ModuleManagementTool and emulating the same process during Alfresco boostrap

Packaging an AMP

  • Define your POM as


  • Specify a module.properties file in the project's root folder, containing the properties


As you can see, the file is filtered with Maven project placeholders

Declare the mmt-maven-plugin in your POM build section, as follows


you can optionally define the following configurations to override your Maven project's structure (although not recommended)


AMP to WAR Overlay

To overlay an existing Alfresco WAR file, you'll need the following elements

  • Add a dependency to the Alfresco WAR webapp

    org.alfresco.enterprise alfresco 4.0.1 war

  • Add the mmt-plugin configuration to run the install goal after the AMP have been packaged

    org.alfresco.maven.plugin mmt-maven-plugin 0.1-SNAPSHOT unpack-amps package install ${project.build.directory}/${project.build.finalName}.${project.packaging}

Please be aware that this is still an experimental work; I hope to give you some updates about this effort by the end of this/next week; meantime, any comment/feedback is indeed more than welcome.

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